Owners of FG Medical Center Announce 2nd Metro Entrance

It’s not everyday Forest Glen gets a sign like this! We are thrilled to see this project and potential redevelopment move forward!




Help us get Construction Funding!

ACTION ALERT: Help us get construction funding for Georgia Ave!

We have made progress and are so close to getting the funding for the Georgia Ave improvements to go from plan to reality.

Until recently, funding has been the barrier. The State will provide some funding AND the County has agreed to provide some cost-share with the State. On our request, the State is considering filing a grant for federal funding. Georgia Ave is one of two projects being considered. But SHA wants to make sure that the improvements have broad support from the community.

Please take a minute to send a letter to SHA Administrator Greg Slater to encourage him to file the grant and implement the road improvements. Below is a rendering of what Georgia Ave could look like. Just imagine how much better it can be!

A sample letter is available at https://friendsofforestglen.org.

Feel free to modify the letter or write your own letter. If you use the sample letter, please make sure to personalize it with you name and address and why the improvements are important to you.

PLEASE send a copy of your email or letter to us at FixGeorgiaAve@gmail.com and to the elected officials at the bottom of the letter. If you have a friend or neighbor that will send a letter, please spread the word.


I’m Running for Planning Board!

Dear Readers –

I’m excited to announce that I am putting my hat in the ring for the open seat at the Montgomery County Planning Board.

As a lifelong Montgomery County resident, I am committed to ensuring our county continues to invest in smart, green, and equitable policies that not only grow our economy, but also create a “sense of place” for all of our vibrant neighborhoods. Most importantly, as the son of immigrants, I hope to be a voice for our county’s more diverse populations and to advocate particularly for inclusive policies that serve our most vulnerable populations.

From my position as the Land Use Chair on the Mid-County Citizens Advisory Board to being on the Executive Board of the Sierra Club, to founding the Friends of Forest Glen and Montgomery Hills, I am a dedicated advocate who will work tirelessly for the issues that affect our communities.

It would be my honor to have your support and would love if you could show your support by emailing our County Council at


Thank you!

-Partap Verma